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The perfect gift for your busy life, or for those you love. We offer healthy, flavorful meals sourced from local ingredients with our Dinner Delivery program. 

Monday and Thursday Menus are not pre-selected ahead of time + we can work with your diet!

Wednesday Menus are pre-set weekly – No substitutions

Menu for 12/2 Orders Due 9am 11/30

Vegan: Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Broccoli, Walnut Sausage, and Cashew Cream (GF) // Mixed Green Salad (GF)  // Peanut Butter Cups (GF)

Meat: Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Broccoli, Pork Sausage, and Cream Sauce (GF) // Mixed Green Salad (GF)  // Chocolate Shortbread







Food will be packaged in either a 9×13 pan or a smaller casserole pan.  

Included in meal:

  • main dish
  • side (either a quart of soup or a large salad)

Most families find they have enough food to feed 3-4 people, perhaps with leftovers the following day as well.


Please allow 5 days advance notice. Example: If you would like a Monday delivery, please order by the previous Wednesday.

*To add special instructions or delivery notes, please check options and leave additional dietary notes or drop-off instructions, as needed.

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Whether you lead a busy life – but still want flavorful and organic home-cooked meals on your plate – or you are looking to give someone the thoughtful and comforting gift of healthy, flavorful meals – The Organic Gypsy has you covered.

We craft meals based on your specific dietary preferences and locally sourced ingredients.  Each meal you receive will be different based on seasonality and ingredients that are available from our local farmers. Delivery is available every Monday and Wednesday. Cadence is up to you — weekly, twice a week, or monthly. This is a great gift for new parents, households with sick family members, house warming gifts, etc.  Prices include delivery within our radius.

Menu flexibility on our end gives us the ability to support our farmers in a genuine way, using the ingredients that are available week to week. More than 40% of the food that is produced in this country ends up being wasted. Rather than have a conversation of how to produce more food in this country, we are committed to being more efficient with the food that is already being grown. Our commitment is to buy the produce that is being grown and harvested in our community, and share that bounty with our customers directly. Help us throw out less food as a food service establishment, help our farmers throw less produce out, and feed your family with fresh, nutrient dense food.

We’ll ask you what ingredients you/don’t like like, examples of what meals you/your family currently like eating, what you are trying to eat more of/dietary goals.*

Delivery days Mondays are Thursdays. Sign up for the quantity of dinners delivered you’d like and we’ll reach out to you to sort out the dates you’d like to receive your meal(s)!

*To add special instructions or delivery notes, please check options and leave additional dietary notes or drop-off instructions, as needed.

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2 reviews for Dinner Delivered

  1. Paula and Joe Buckman

    Very delicious meal (Moroccan Tangine, Creamy Polenta, Rainbow Chard Soup, and Lemon Bars) delivered to our doorstep right before dinner. And a vase of beautiful spring flowers were included. Organic Gypsy brightened our evening during this StayAtHome challenge. We look forward to our next OG dinner!

  2. Amy Rummel

    Organic Gypsy’s meals are not only nutritionally dense but have tons of amazing flavor! We love eating plant based. Finding delivery that provides quality dishes with creative combinations isn’t easy. We’ve ordered the Wednesday preset meals a few times now and they never disappoint! Every week we look forward to seeing what’s on the menu for delivery! If you are seeking creative, yet healthy dishes delivered right to your door, Organic Gypsy is a must try!

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