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Lori’s guest for our third segment today is the Organic Gypsy food truck owner/operator Bridgett Blough.


This Spud Soup is a Winner

In January, the National Potato Expo, the largest conference and trade show for the potato industry in North America, hosted its first Spud Nation Throwdown, designed to highlight the connection between mobile food trucks and potatoes.

To do so, three food-truck chefs were selected as finalists from across the country and flown to the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where they competed on stage – making their own best potato recipe.


See the soup recipe that gave Kalamazoo food truck a win in national competition

Bridgett Blough, operator of the Organic Gypsy food truck in the Kalamazoo and Portage area,
won the National Potato Expo’s Spud Nation Throwdown
on Jan. 12 at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. She competed against two other chefs with her healthy soup, and won a $5,000 prize.


See the soup recipe that gave Kalamazoo food truck a win in national competition

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – The Organic Gypsy is a food truck and catering company based in the Kalamazoo-Portage area that serves local and organic foods. This month, they won $5,000 at a national competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bridgett Blough is the owner and operator of The Organic Gypsy, she’s also a certified natural chef. On Sunday, Blough stopped by the Newschannel 3 studios to tell us about the Spud Nation Throwdown.


Photos from the Kalamazoo Gazette

“At first, I thought working out was the number one thing to do to get healthy. Along this health and wellness journey, however, I figured out it was mostly about eating healthy. We can’t run or walk or crunch our way out of this problem in our country. There’s only one way to improve your health and really turn around obesity, disease, cancer, etc., and I truly believe that’s cooking at home and simply eating more vegetables.” -Bridgett Blough, owner of The Organic Gypsy.


Best healthy food trucks across the country

Brick-and-mortar restaurants are so last year. Today’s foodies are enjoying the fresh food and exciting menus of today’s food trucks, which have swapped out greasy and high-calorie treats for organic meals chock-full of superfoods. We have rounded up some of the best healthy food trucks across the country.

Congressman Fred Upton Highlights Internet Enabled Small Businesses in Kalamazoo, MI


Organic Gypsy chef heading to Las Vegas for the Spud Nation Throwdown

KALAMAZOO, MI — Can organic green tahini potato soup really compete against bacon cheese fries? Kalamazoo’s Organic Gypsy, chef Bridgett Blough, says yes it can. She’s setting out for Las Vegas for the National Potato Expo’s Spud Nation Throwdown at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, where she’ll compete against two other chefs for a $5,000 prize. She flies out Jan. 12 and returns Jan. 14.


The Organic Gypsy food truck to open kitchen, pop-up restaurant event venue in Kalamazoo

The Organic Gypsy food truck is relocating its commissary kitchen from the Renaissance Athletic Club in Benton Harbor to S. Burdick Street in Kalamazoo, replacing a recently vacated vegetarian restaurant. Bridgett Blough, owner and operator of
The Organic Gypsy
, said she has increasingly found more food truck business in
Kalamazoo after the city passed an ordinance allowing the mobile vendors on city streets last fall.


Second Wave Media: Big blue food truck serves up local, organic food across Southwest Michigan

Bridgett Blough,
the Organic Gypsy
, knows the farmers from whom she buys produce that goes into food she sells from her big blue food truck.
She grew up in rural Coloma Township, north of St. Joseph, and before she put an item on the menu she visits each farmer to check out his or her growing practices. That leads Blough to describe her work as food that’s “handcrafted and thoughtfully sourced” or to put it another way: “slow food fast, from farm to truck” — two of the mottoes that adorn her vehicle.


Food trucks: Organic Gypsy rolls into downtown Kalamazoo

Bridgett Blough has taken the farm-to-table ethos and added wheels. Her
Organic Gypsy
food truck sells everything from homemade root beer to organic granola, but there’s one thing you won’t find, Blough said: Any cans from Sysco or Gordon Foods. “I take that really seriously,” said Blough, a certified natural chef who said the truck is also GMO-free and whose tagline is “nourishment on the go.”


Bridgett Blough — Kzoo uncaged

Bridgett Blough has taken the farm-to-table ethos and added wheels. Her
Organic Gypsy
food truck sells everything from homemade root beer to organic granola, but there’s one thing you won’t find, Blough said: Any cans from Sysco or Gordon Foods. “I take that really seriously,” said Blough, a certified natural chef who said the truck is also GMO-free and whose tagline is “nourishment on the go.”


Meet bridgett: kalamazoo food trucker on a mission

Bridgett was living in San Francisco when she had a five-minute chat that changed her life and brought her back to the Midwest. She had an idea: she’d be an organic gypsy with a traveling food truck.

Two years later, we’re so glad she’s back in Michigan, her home state, bringing the best food to festivals and fairs. Every single thing she serves is local, organic and ridiculously tasty.


South West Michigan Dining: The Organic Gypsy

Mayor Hopewell started a really cool thing this summer at Bronson Park in Kalamazoo. For the past several weeks, the park has been home to “Lunch Time Live.” Kalamazoo’s food trucks pull up to the curb on South Street and a few vendors set up in the park. Some weeks, there’s even some live entertainment and they always set up a cornhole game and a badminton net.


Rick Haglund: Food trucks are new frontier for Michigan entrepreneurs

Food trucks date to at least the 1800s, when chuck wagons provided nourishment for cowboys on long cattle drives. More recently, they took the form of mobile canteens that sold pre-wrapped sandwiches to factory workers on their lunch breaks. Today, they’ve become vehicles with funky names like Green Zebra and Concrete Cuisine that serve gourmet fare on street corners, art fairs and corporate events.


Kalamazoo’s local food future: Colleges, hospitals and food trucks providing additional momentum

The past five years have delivered unprecedented growth to the Kalamazoo area’s local food industry. Farmers markets are emerging in more and more communities, restaurants are opting to purchase from local producers at a higher rate, and new and existing farms are finding different ways to fill the varied demands of the region. Most in the local food movement said the vitality will continue. People are seeing increased value in the flavor, health and communal aspects of buying local.


Dig In: Organic Dinner on the Farm features 7 courses, including beer milkshakes and roasted goat

BANGOR, MI – Heaving bales of hay, roasting a goat and shooing chickens out of the “dining room” aren’t typically on the chef’s to-do list for a formal, seven-course meal. But organic chef Bridgett Blough tackled all three as part of the inaugural Organic Dinner on the Farm at the Eater’s Guild Farm in Bangor Sept. 7. She and fellow chef Karla Richards created a locally grown feast that featured food grown in some cases just steps away from the table. Aside from the organic cream from Hilhof Dairy in Hersey, Blough said, all the other ingredients came from 30 miles away or less.



“These might seem totally unrelated,” Bridgett Blough tells me as we stand in her parents’ kitchen, where she has a jar of her homemade kimchi and a plate of bruschetta.

Kimchi, a spicy and sometimes pungent condiment served with almost every Korean meal, and bruschetta topped with layers of cream cheese, chopped dried figs and sautéed butternut squash, don’t have much in common at first glance.

But both dishes are not only healthy but use local ingredients in season now, says Blough, a personal chef, caterer, workshop leader, and retreat host as well as the owner of The Organic Gypsy food truck.


Second Wave Media: Organic Gypsy issues invitation to dinner on the farm

The owner of the big blue food truck that feeds organic food lovers at festivals and other events throughout the area is planning an elegant dining event that will showcase produce fresh from the farm.

Bridgett Blough, The Organic Gypsy, recently relocated from Benton Harbor to Kalamazoo, and opened a kitchen that will serve as the center of planning for events like the farm visit. (It also will be hosting other events, pop up dinners, and retail sales.) The dinner on the farm will be completely sourced from local and organic farms just as the food served from the Organic Gypsy food truck is.


Organic Gypsy Dinner on the Farm Sept. 7, 2013

Chef Bridgett Blough and Karla Richards created a locally grown, organic seven course meal for 40 at the Eaters Guild Farm in Bangor Sept. 7, 2013. Organic cocktails by Angie Jackson, the Traveling Elixir Fixer, featuring Journeyman Distillery, and beers by The Livery in Benton Harbor were included in the $100 price.

kitchen aid org gypsy

KitchenAid Partners With Organic Gypsy For Mobile Food Truck Tour And Stand Mixer Giveaway

BENTON HARBOR, Mich., April 14, 2014 – KitchenAid today announced a mobile food truck tour across Southwest Michigan and Northwest Indiana to raise awareness for its presenting sponsorship of the 75th Senior PGA Championship. Partnering with the Organic Gypsy, KitchenAid will launch its food truck tour on April 16 in Kalamazoo, Mich. One lucky attendee at each stop will also win a free Stand Mixer, KitchenAid’s legendary countertop appliance.

During a four-week span, the mobile food truck will make nine appearances across Michigan and Indiana serving organic and locally-sourced food. In addition, the PGA of America will be alongside offering discounted tickets to the Championship, which takes place over Memorial Day Weekend, May 22-25, and giving fans an up-close view of the historic Alfred S. Bourne trophy.


Organic food truck owner next up in speaker series

The owner and operator of a popular food truck business specializing in seasonal, organic, unrefined and local foods will be the next speaker in the Entrepreneurship Forum at Western Michigan University.

Bridgett Blough, a certified natural chef and founder of The Organic Gypsy, a food truck business providing “nourishment on the go” to West Michigan, will speak at 8 a.m. Friday, March 8, in 2150 Schneider Hall.


The Organic Gypsy Makes Move to Kalamazoo

I envision providing food year round through the truck, catering and retail products–bringing people together through the wonderful harvest of our local bounty; creating links between people, health, food and the face of food–our local farmers.

When Kalamazoo passed an ordinance in August 2012 allowing food truck vendors to operate in the city the Benton Harbor-based Bridgett Blough, also known as The Organic Gypsy, didn’t expect it would mean the bulk of her business would be shifting to the city to the north. But that’s what happened.